Lunch and Dinner Ideas

1. Bottle Guard Curry with Tomatoes:

Bottle gourd curry

2. Bottle Guard Fry:

bottle guard fry

3. Bitter Guard Fry:

Bitter guard fry

4. Black Channa Curry:

Black channa curry

5. Black eye peas Fry:

Black eye peas fry

6. Cauliflower Peas Fry:

7. Chicken Pizza:

8. Curd Curry:

Sumi's kitchen

9. Cabbage Black Channa Curry:

Cabbage black channa curry

10. Chicken Tikka Masala:

chicken Tikka masala

11. Cauliflower Pakoda Curry:

12. Cauliflower Fry:

Cauliflower fry

13. Carrot Fried Rice:

Carrot fried rice

14. Chicken Biryani:

Chicken biryani

15. Carrot Channa Dal Fry:

Carrot channa dal fry

16. Cabbage Channa Dal Fry:

My simple lunch

17. Chicken Keema Fry:

Keema fry

18. Channa Masala:

Channa masala

19. Egg Fried Rice:

Egg Biryani

20. Egg Burjii:

Egg burjii

21. Egg Fried Rice:

Egg fried rice

22. French Beans Fry:

Sumi's kitchen

23. Fried Rice:

Poppu annam

24. Fried Rice:

Poppu annam

25. Green Beans Fry:

Sumi's kitchen

26. Lemon Rice:

Lemon rice

27. Moong Dal Tadka:

Sumi's kitchen

28. Mix Vegetable Stir Fry:

Mix vegetable

29. Moong Dal Khichidi:

30. Pacchi Pulusu:

Sumi's kitchen

31. Palak Paneer:

palak paneer

32. Peas Curry:

Peas curry

33. Potato and Capsicum fry:

Potato capsicum fry

34. Potato Fry:

Potato fry

35. Spinach Dal:

Spinch dal

36. Spinach with Moong Dal fry:

Spinach pappu

37. Spinach Fry:

Spinach fry

38. Tomato Perugu Pachadi:

Tomato yogurt pacchadi

39. Tomato Rice;

Tomato rice

40. Tomato Rasam:

Tomato rasam

41. Toor Dal Fry:

Sumi's weblog

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refried beans

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46. Hyderabadi Special Veg pulao or Bagara Rice or Veg Biryani:

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49. Naan Recipe:

50. Coconut Rice Recipe!!!

51. Thai Basil Shrimp Fried Rice!!!

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53. Carrot and Beans Stir Fry:

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