Tea Time Snacks/ Appetizers

1. Boondi Mixture:


2. Onion Pakoda:


3. Potato Smileys:

Potato Smiley

4. Puffed Rice Mixture:

Puffed rice mixture

5. Palli Garelu or Peanut chekkaluRice Flour Crackers


6. Samosa:


7. Samosa:


8. Poosa or Thin sev:


9. Dalmoth Mixture:

dalmoth mixture

10. Mixed Nut Granola:

mixed nut granola

11. How to Make Mexican Refried Beans?

refried beans

12. Tutti-Frutti Bread:

tutifruti bread

13. How to make Quick, healthy and easy Beetroot cutlets?

14. Healthy Dates and Nuts Ladoo:

dates ladoo

15. How to Make Banana Chips For Beginners?

Banana Chips1

16. How to make Masala Peanuts?

masala peanuts

17. How to Make Potato Chips at Home?

potato chips

18. Karachi Bakery Style Cashew Biscuits:

cashew biscuits

19. Street side Chegodi recipe:


20. Quick and Easy Chicken Puffs Recipe:

21. Sweet Diamonds or Shakarpare:

sweet diamonds1

22. Almond Chocolate Biscotti:

Almond chocolate biscotti

23. Potato Cigars:

potato cigars

24. Cheesy Diamonds or Cheesy Namakpare or Cheeslings:

Cheesy Namakpare

25. Health Bread Pakora Recipe:

26. Instant Garlic Chilli Cheese Toast: