American Desserts

1.Almond cookies videoAlmond Cookies:

Almond cookies

2. Almond Biscotti:

Almond biscotti

3. Cinnamon Cake:

cinnamon cake

4. Chocolate Chip Cookies:


5. Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie:

Chocolate chip cookie pie

6. Chocolate Covered Cherries:

Chocolate covered cherries

7. Fruit Cake:

Fruit cake

8. Icecream Base

icecream base

8. Icecream recipe video:

9. Mango Icecream:

mango icecream

10. Thumbprint Cookies:


11. Semi-Homemade Cheesecake:

cheese cake

12. Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Butterscotch chocoate chip cookies

13. How to Make ButterScotch or Cashew Praline?


14. Tutti-Frutti Bread:

tutifruti bread

15. Blueberry Muffins:


16. How To Make Best and Easy Cinnamon Rolls?

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17. Chocolate Cheesecake:


18. Karachi Style Bakery Cashew Biscuits:

cashew biscuits

19. Almond and Chocolate Biscotti:

Almond chocolate biscotti

20. Sprinkle Cake:

Sprinkle Cake

21. Lemon Pound Cake:

IMG_20180803_204640_395 (1)

22. Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza:

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23. Chocolate Cake With a Surprise Inside

Hershey kiss cake