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How To Make Mexican Refried Beans???

Mexican food is my family’s favorite. Of course, I have to learn how to make it. So I have decided to share the mexican recipe with you guys to make at home if you want to make it. 

refried beans

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Mixed Nut Granola!!!!


Buying cereals were bothering me for quite some time. I decided to find better options for breakfast, so decided to try granola recipes for my family. It turned out really good, the best part was zero chemicals or added sugars. One batch lasts us for 2-3 weeks and I make a new batch after 3 weeks. This way I don’t have to buy cereals anymore.

This can be eaten dry or with milk. It is perfectly crunchy and has just enough sweetness. 

mixed nut granola

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How To Make Butterscotch or Cashew Praline!!!

Possibilities with Butterscotch are endless, but for that to happen you need to learn how to make butterscotch. Believe me, it’s not hard and it will not take more than 10 minutes to make. It is so delicious. You can make butterscotch ice cream (my fav), you can use it in your tea, you can make biscotti with it and use it as topping on your ice cream sundae.


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