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Videos I Like This Week!!!

Here I am again bringing you stuff from Youtube that have inspired me to try something new. These are mostly based on cooking, beauty and exercise. So let’s not waste time and see what I bought for you this week.

First Video is from Tati who is talking about Do’s and Don’ts of Makeup. Some of things will make you look aged so do look at her video on how to avoid those mistakes.

Second video is from Nisha Madullika who is sharing Malpua recipe for holi. I like that way she gives measurements so perfectly that it comes out as expected.

Third video is from Wayne Goss who is sharing basic eyeshadow tutorial. I like the way he shares it.

Final video is the  daily exercise video from HASFIT. This week it is strengthening exercise. It really works.

I hope you like these videos because I surely enjoy bringing this stuff to you. I will see you next week with some more interesting videos.

In case you missed previous videos I am leaving the link below for you.

Videos I like This Week Part 1

Videos I Like This Week Part 2

Videos I Like This Week Part 3

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