Videos I Liked This Week!!!

From this Monday, I am starting a new series where I will post something I liked from beauty and food youtubers who makes me to try them atleast once. Let’s not waste time and get right to it.

First video is from Kathleen lights who is unboxing Boxy Charm and using those products to create a look with them.

Second video is also from Kathleen lights where she is creating soft valentine look. You can learn the techniques from her and create your own looks with the products you have. That’s what I do..

Third Video is from Kabita’s Kitchen where she is creating a yummy corn kebab. I like the way she shows everything in detail. I am hoping to try it and taste it.

Fourth Video is also from Kabita’s Kitchen where she is making Aloo Puri. I wish I could just take it from the computer and eat it. It looks so tempting. 

Fifth Video is from Jamie Paige who found some pretty good drugstore dupes for highend products. It will save money for sure. I love these kind of videos.

Sixth Video is from Your Food Lab who made yummy bean burgers. Can’t wait to try these for my family.

Finally I am sharing a song that is stuck in my head. It’s a telugu song You and Me.

I am hoping you will enjoy all my collections. I will bring some new things next week. 

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