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Few Things About Me!!!

img_0886 Hi everyone!!! I am Aparna Sreenath, the face behind Sumi’s Kitchen. This blog is anything and everything related to food, health and beauty. I started this blog in 2008 to document the recipes I prepare for my daughter. This blog is dedicated to her. Life has changed a lot since then. Blog has been neglected quite a lot but never forgot about it. I will document every single recipe I prepare and is relished by my family. My daughter and son understand I write this blog. They are looking forward to using this as a guide when they grow up. I hope it helps them. Now let me tell you few facts about me..

  • I am a very shy and reserved person. It takes a lot of time for me to open up. I want to change that, but no matter how hard I try I still can’t.
  •  I can’t be rude to others. It’s not in me to fight.
  • I love babies so much. Just looking at them gives me so much happiness.
  • I love icecream and chocolates so much. They give me so much happiness.
  • Cooking is my passion. I love finding recipes and replicating it in my kitchen.
  • I love shopping. I can shop for days and not be tired.
  • I can be lost in my thoughts for hours.
  • My smile is my biggest strength.
  • Small things hurt me. I cry for the smallest things. That is my weakness.
  • I get angry, but my anger lasts for only 5 minutes max. My policy is forgive and forget.

Comments are very precious to me. They give me so much happiness. It will give me so much happiness if you will send me pictures or feedback through social media if these recipes worked for you….

Thank you,

Keep visiting Sumi’s weblog.

Truly yours,



2 thoughts on “Few Things About Me!!!”

  1. Hi APPU,
    i was so happy to see your sumis kitchen menu , All the best for your future recipes.

    best regards


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