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Ponganalu Or Dosa!!!


You can make ponganalu or Dosa with the same batter. It is really tasty and your family will totally love it…

Ingredients :

1. Raw rice – 2 rice cups

2.Fenugreek seeds /Menthulu – 1 tsp

3.Urad dal/minappa pappu – 1 rice cup 

4.salt to taste

5.Cooking Soda


Soak rice, urad dal and methi seeds for 7-8 hrs.

Strain and grind the soaked dal and rice to a fine paste.

Ferment the batter for 6-7 hrs.

Add cooking soda ,salt to taste and combine well.

Pour few drops of oil into each depression of the ponganalu pan.

Place flame on medium.

Pour batter into each depression and allow to cook with lid for 4-5 mts undisturbed and cook on low to medium flame.

It will cook to a golden brown shade.

Flip over with help of a spoon or fork and allow to cook for 2-3 mts without lid.

Enjoy with chutney of your choice.

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