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Green Moong Dal Mask!!!


I am back with a new DIY scrub for your face. Green Moong dal is a pulse used in variety of ways in Indian cooking from ages. It was used a beauty treatment back in the ages when they were no fancy products out there. It removes dead skin cells from your body as well as your face. Green moond dal can be found in any Indian shop. Just powder it in your coffee grinder and it’s ready to use.


2 tbsp Green moong dal powder

1/2 lime juice

2-3 tbsp water


Mix all the ingredients and make it onto a paste which is not too thich or not too thin.

Apply it to your face by rubbing in circular motion.

Keep it on 20 mts.

Go outside or into your bathroom and rub your skin gently so that all that powdery stuff falls off.

Everything will not be gone.

Take a paper towel and wet it a little bit and start rubbing your skin in gentle motion to take everything off.

You feel so good.

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