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Maybelline New York Line Stiletto Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner!!!!

Maybelline Liquid eyeliner

I am learning  a lot about make up these days. I am not an expert and I live on a budget so I decided to write about the products I am using and if they are worth the money spent on them.

I heard a lot of hype for Maybelline eyeliner, so decided to try it and see. I bought mine in brown color. At first application it looked okay. It was patchy and not dark enough for me. I was disappointed but decided to try it few more times as I already spent my money on it. Second time I tried it on, I noticed my eyeliner became lighter and lighter through out the day. I really like the brush that came with it. Third time I tried it on, my eyes became watery as I was cutting onions and that’s it my eyeliner was completely gone. Fourth time I applied it on, it came only for one eye and bottle is empty. Just 4 applications and bottle is empty. I am not ready to spend my money for such short usage.I usually like maybelline products, but this one was a disaster. 

Would I repurchase this? That is a good question, but my answer is no as I am very disappointed with this.It didn’t do it’s job. If you have any favorite eyeliner, please comment below so that I can try them on.

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