Cleansing Routine That I Follow!!!

This is much awaited post. I took me 3 days to write this. Lot of people have been requesting this and asking me what I do… So here it is. This is what I do myself. I have been doing this from past 3 months and it cleared my skin like anything. Skin is becoming more fairer and I am becoming more confident. Please take care of yourself first. It will keep whole family happy.

Cleansing is very important in taking care of your face. Make it a point to do it once in the morning before or after taking a bath and once in the night before sleeping. If you want a younger looking skin, you need to take action now… With our busy lifestyle, it’s very easy to ignore the skin. If you want to look good then you need to do this.

Products That I am currently using on my skin are:

Honest Baby Lotion as my moisturizer

Honest Baby bath soap as my cleanser

Cetaphil facial moisturizer with spf 15 as my sunscreen

Loreal lip balm for my lips in the morning

Vaseline petroleum jelly as lip balm in the night

Vitamin E enriched with Vitamin C oil in the night.

Arm and hammer Spinner Toothbrush for exfoliating my skin


In the morning I only use cold water to wash my face as hot water tends to open the pores and dirt might get into the pores and block the pores.

As soon as cleansing is done, I massage the face with an ice cube. It gives instant glow to the skin by pushing the blood as well as it closes the pores.

I apply my moisturizer first and then wait for few minutes and apply sunscreen to my face.

Please don’t forget to use sunscreen. Sun ages your quickly. Make sure you are putting sunscreen on your kids face also. I make sure my kids get sunscreen and moisturizer as soon as their bath is done.


In the night I use warm to hot water to wash my face as I want my skin to absorb all the things I am putting on the skin.

I cleanse my face and apply a face pack everyday.

Finally I put on my Vitamin C oil and let it work its magic on my skin all night.

Important Tip:

Do not use your bath towel on the face as it has lot of bacteria on it. I use bounty paper towels for my skin.

For the first time I am putting my pics up without any make up as I want to show what I do:

Ready with my products to cleanse my face:

Cleansing 1

Face is ready for cleansing.

cleansing 2

Cleansing my face with electric toothbrush.

cleansing 3

Nice and clean.

cleansing 4

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Always remember to feel beautiful and stay beautiful. Put good stuff into your body and skin and your skin will glow naturally.

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