As Diwali is approaching, this is my go to sweet. I have tried so many recipes and none came close to what I was expecting. I then followed Mullai’s recipe for this and I am hooked. Don’t alter anything. Exactly follow the directions. It will come out perfectly. I am putting the recipe here. If you want to go to the source you are more than welcomed to…

1 and 1/2 cup Besan flour (kadalai maavu)
1/2 tsp Rice flour
1 pinch Sodium bi carbonate
1 & 1/2 cup Sugar
¾ cup Water (for sugar syrup)
¾ cup + (few teaspoons) Water (for batter)
2 tbsp Ghee
15 nos Cashew nuts
10 nos Raisins
3 nos Cloves
3 nos Cardamom (powdered)
3 pinch Orange food colour
5 cup Oil (for deep frying)


Combine water and sieved flour mixture adding 1 pinch of the food color and sodium bi carbonate. Mix to form a thick batter, which should look like our bhaji bonda batter. Mix thoroughly to avoid lumps. Heat oil in a wide kadai, sample a few drops to check the oil temperature.

If the oil temperature is too hot then the boondis will turn brown. If its too low then the boondis will sink. fried boondis which float as shown will cook within seconds of dropping in oil. As soon you drop, it will vigorously bubble and when the bubbles stops, remove them immediately. We don’t need crispy boondis, our boondis should look slightly crispy on outside and soft on inside. This will make them soak better in syrup. (Something similar to Namuthu pona boondi / soft boondi).

If you are all set with the procedure, then start making. Hold the slotted spoon few inches above the oil, scoop little batter and slowly pour and press as shown. Soon the boondis will drop into the oil, just one scoop per batch, do not over crowd. As soon they are fried, put them into the prepared sugar syrup to soak.

Sugar syrup Preparation: Here comes the most important step, making of single thread consistency. Take a pan, combine sugar and water. Let it melt over medium high flame. It will bubble vigorously in 3 minutes. Somewhere between 4 to 6 minutes the single thread consistency happens. All you need is a clear glass with cold water next to the boiling sugar syrup. When it crosses 3 minutes start testing with few drops.

When the syrup is ready, add remaining 2 pinches of food color, cloves and cardamom powder. After frying the boondis, immediately drop them in the syrup and soak for 30 minutes. Heat the ghee, toast the cashews and raisins and add this to the soaking boondis.

After 30 minutes, you have to start making laddus with your hands. Just press a handful and form a ball. It will be difficult to form a ball when it becomes cold, so start making while its still warm. If its cold then, slightly heat to make it warm.

Hope you will try them and let me know how it turns out.


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