Plain Dosa!!!!

dosa recipe

I know it’s been long time I have updated this blog. Life is now a days very busy with kids being summer holidays for them. I am really having a good time with them. I really love spending time with them. I am going to spend some time and update this blog atleast couple of times a week from now on… Thanks for sticking with me…


1/4 cup channa dal
1 tbsp Fenugreek seeds
2 cup Rice
salt to taste
1 cup ural dal


Take a bowl add rice,urad dal, channa dal,fenugreek seeds, wash and soak for 6 hrs.
• After 6 hrs blend it into a fine paste and keep it for ferment over night.
• next day add salt and mix.
• Heat tawa pour the batter and spread it applie oil remove once it is gloden brown colour.

Try it and tell me how it taste…


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