Home made biscuits

I used to love these biscuits when I was younger. When I saw the recipe at pravs blog, I couldn’t resist but try it. It was just perfect. Thanks for such a wonderful recipe. Only alteration I made is I added some salt. It was just melting in the mouth.


About slk

iam a housewife with one beautiful daughter and wonderful husband. I always wanted to share my receipes with others so i did it.
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5 Responses to Home made biscuits

  1. kalva says:

    looks so soft and buttery

  2. bindiya says:

    Wow!these indeed look melt in the mouth, bookmarked!

  3. Uma says:

    looks so yummy Aparna!

  4. suparna says:

    looks yumm!:)

  5. Pravs says:

    oh.. happy to see you tried these cookies and aren’t they really something ? :)love the pic.

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