Best of the year

BEST OF 2008

I entered this blogging world on July 9th 2008. There are some wonderful blogs out there and lot of wonderful bloggers who inspire cooks like me. I am just a beginner and I hope some day I can inspire someone to blog their ideas.

Looking back to where I started and what I think are my best creations:

1. Cauliflower peas fry: This is my first post.

2. French beans fry: This is my family’s favourite dish

Sumi's kitchen

3. Almond Biscotti: Try it, you will not be disappointed.

Almond biscotti

4. Yummy chicken fry: Perfect recipe for beginners.

Chicken fry

5. Chocolate covered cherries: Simple and less time consuming.

Chocolate covered cherries

6. Sagari’s Tomato pappu: First recipe tried from other’s blog.

Andhra thali

7. Boondhi Ladoo: Tried it for the first time.

Boondhi ladoo

8. Chicken Biryani: My husband’s favourite.

Chicken biryani

9. Carrot channa dal fry: Simple and yummy.

Carrot channa dal fry

10. Fruit cake: Again my husband’s favourite. Absolutely moist and delicious.

Fruit cake

This year has been full of memories and I met some nice friends through this blogging. I am thanking each one of you for encouraging me by leaving your valuable comments and for being part of my world.

This goes to Srivalli’s Best of the year event:

This is my last post for this year. See you all next year.


I will come with some new dishes next year.

6 thoughts on “BEST OF 2008”

  1. You have a cute blog Sumi and I am sure one day, your recipes wud be an inspiration to many others..Lovely array of recipes.

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy 2009.



  2. Everything looks lip smacking and irresistible……Wishing you happy and prosperous new year and may you come up with many such wonderful dishes next year and many more years ahead!!


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