Photo with Santa

Even though we don’t celebrate Christmas, I love all paraphernalia associated with Christmas. I love how people buy various gifts for each member in their family and the love associated with it. I love the  look on kid’ s faces when they get the thing they most wanted on Christmas. I love Christmas decorations and my favourite part is seeing lights and photo with Santa. From last year I decided every year I am going to take photo of my baby with Santa. Last year she was only two months old and she was sleeping when we took her to take photo. This year she was fully awake, saw the lights and decorations. She is now 13 months old. We can clearly see different reactions in her face. When we first handed her to Santa, she took couple of minutes to realize neither her mommy or daddy is holding her. Her face expressions changed a bit. She turned to his side to see whether she knows him and to decide whether to cry or not. It was so funny to watch her. This is the picture of that expression.

Baby blogging

I am sending this  to december edition of no croutons required  challenge.


4 thoughts on “Photo with Santa”

  1. That is so cute!! Did she cry later? or was she still confused? I really wonder what they are thinking while we make them go thru these… I have the same deal with my 3 yr old.. still..


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