My daughter is turning one today

Sumi you are my life. I cannot tell you in words how much I love you. I waited for an eternity to hold you in my arms. You are perfect in ever way possible. I couldn’t ask for more. You have changed me completely. You came into our lives on oct 29 at 2.13 pm.That is the happiest moment in my life. This year has gone by so quickly. I should have held you more, have said I love you more. Remember this always, No matter what happens in your life, we will be always there for you. God thank you so much for this little girl. She is light of our lives. Help me make her a better individual everyday and bless her always. I used to sing to you this song, when you were in my womb and now too: This is our special song now

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy, when skys are grey,

You don’t know dear how much I love you,

God please don’t take my sunshine away.

Here are some pictures of you:

Day you were born
Day you were born


Now at 1 year
Now at 1 year

 Wish you a very happy birthday my dear baby.

We are having party for you on nov 1st.

I will blog about that very soon.


12 thoughts on “My daughter is turning one today”

  1. Wishing you all the luck in the world dear! You look so cute. May god bless you. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Belated wishes to you. You’re so lucky to have such a loving mom! Enjoy your party.


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