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Srivalli’s chicken curry (tried and tested)

Today is my 50th post.Thanks everyone for encouraging me by posting your comments.I have more than 2000 hits and 155 comments. This means a lot to me. Please leave a comment for me whether that is good or bad, because that encourages me to do more. I am really happy and excited. I wanted to celebrate by posting some non vegetarian dish.

Coming to today’s recipe, I was really bored of cooking the chicken in the same way. So I decided to try something different. While I was searching, srivalli’s chicken seemed perfect and tempting. So i decided to try it.

Here is the link to her recipe:

I made a few alterations:

Marinated the chicken in turmeric, curd, ginger garlic paste and salt.

I did not let the water evaporate because I wanted to have it with plain rice.

It was yummy and delicious. We all loved it. Thanks srivalli.

Next time i will try dry version with fried rice.

End result:

Chicken curry
Chicken curry

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