Hot Chillies anyone???????????


Chillies 22

Buttermilk ( enough to soak them)


Hot chillies
Hot chillies


  • It is simple but lengthy process.
  • It took me two weeks here in US because of weather fluctuation.
  • It’s worth the wait, believe me.
  • Any green chilli is fine, because it won’t be spicy after it is dried up.
  • Wash and dry the chillies.
  • Make slits vertically, but make sure it doesn’t open up completely.
  • You don’t have to remove the seeds, but if u wish to u can remove it now.
  • Now soak the green chillies in enough quantity of buttermilk with salt added to it.
  • Immerse for 3 days and nights. Mix twice a day.
  • Take out the green chillies from the butter milk on fourth day morning and sun dry it all day by spreading them on newspaper.
  • I changed the buttermilk on 4th day evening and put the chillies in them in the evening.
  • Remember to remove them in the evening and put them in the buttermilk until next morning and sun dry them for 3 days.
  • Do this for 3 days.
  • After 3rd day sun dry the chillies for 2 days.
  • They are ready to be fried.
  • Perfect with sambhar and rice.
  • Weather was not good for some days here so i just dried them in the house and whenever sun was there i dried it outside.

This goes to sangeeth’s Eat healthy- Calcium rich contest:


13 thoughts on “Hot Chillies anyone???????????”

  1. Ya me…am all ready for that moor molagai…always like this one with curd rice..reminds me of all TN’s meal :)…gud one dear


  2. oooh! I love these. I had seen a recipe once somewhere else, but yours is tempting me to try them, as i cannot buy these things here. Yumm yumm. my mouth is watering! 🙂


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