My weekend

My weekend and short blogging break

Weekend came and went. It makes me sad sometimes as weeks go by and my daughter is getting bigger everyday. She is walking and she doesn’t like to be held too much. Iam happy that she is a happy baby and healthy. This weekend we went to my sister-in-law’s place. Trip was little hectic because she didn’t want to sit in the carseat.She wanted to get down and play. We had a nice time there and got back on sunday night. Their place feels like we are in  india. There are lot of indians.

I forgot my camera in my sister-in-law’s place. I won’t get it back for 2 weeks. I feel like running there and getting my camera back but that won’t happen. I wanted to post so many new things, but i guess we have to wait. I  will check the blog regularly, so please drop in your comments.


5 thoughts on “My weekend and short blogging break”

  1. oh! this is such an exciting phase when the baby starts to walk and is “officially” not a baby any more. I guess soon she will start to speak some words too, or does she already have some favorites. I still have to go through your blog. Will surely do that.


  2. There is nothing more fun and exciting seeing all the phases of ur little one 🙂 They grow each and every day!
    U ve a nice blog 🙂


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